⛓️Blockchain benefits

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. It offers unprecedented levels of transparency, security, accuracy, and efficiency that are unmatched by traditional methods. With its powerful distributed ledger technology, blockchain provides an immutable record of all transactions that cannot be altered or tampered with. This makes it virtually impossible for fraudsters to manipulate data, and it also reduces the risk of costly errors. Additionally, blockchain significantly reduces operational costs, speed up processes, and improve customer satisfaction. In short, blockchain is an effective tool that enhances business operations and customer experience.

Thanks to this technology, Ta-da can revolutionize the data collecting method and provides these features:

  • A full tracking and traceability of the data generated by the community (who produced it, who verified it, etc.). Thanks to this feature, a company can verify that the data purchased is well diversified, that the producers have not validated their own data, etc.

  • A fully transparent and auditable process. This is a key feature for users of the community. Anyone can check why they were slashed, make sure there was no cheating, prove that a data is validated, etc. The check can be done only after full voting and validation/slashing is performed.

  • Keep control of users funds in a secure way. Users generate and verify data to earn money. Keeping their funds secure is paramount. Blockchain allows them to stay in total control of their money (not your keys, not your coins).

  • Remove centralization and unwanted intermediaries. This allows companies to pay less while paying users more, everyone wins.

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