➡️On-chain Staking

The Ta-da staking is available on https://staking.ta-da.io/.

Stakes description

Here is a description of each staking pool:

Pool IDLock durationAPR* (until 09/09/2024)Ratio


12 months




6 months




3 months




1 months



All APR are guaranteed until August 9, 2024 and will be dynamic thereafter and may decrease. Once the application is released, the APR will only be indexed to the platform's activity. Here are the different sources of revenue that will be injected into the staking:

  • 33% of deposits lost by users

  • 5% of our customers' cash inflows

  • 5% in-app purchases


The main properties of our staking system are summarized below:

  1. Two users who stake the same amount of tokens for the same lock period get the same amount of reward.

  2. The reward depends on the number of tokens staked. A user who stakes twice as many tokens as another user in the same stake earns twice as much reward.

  3. A token blocked in a stake with a ratio of 2 must earn twice as much reward as a token blocked in a stake with a ratio of 1.

  4. No tokens are created or destroyed during redistribution.


A user who stakes his tokens in the pool 4 (ratio of 1) will have to wait a month to be able to recover his locked tokens. During this period, he will earn rewards. Another user who stakes the same amount of tokens in the pool 1 (ratio of 8) will have to wait a year to get his tokens back. However, during this period, he will earn 8 times more tokens than the first user (if the latter were to stake his tokens every month in the pool 4 for one year).

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