➡️Meria Staking

The Ta-da staking is available on https://www.meria.com/product

Ta-da offers a solution to stake $TADA tokens directly on Meria and benefit both staking rewards and in-game bonuses. For more details about staking rules, please visit the Rewards & Staking page.

Users have access to 3 different staking pool with different parameters

Pool IDLock durationAPR (untill 09/08/2024)Ratio


12 months




6 months




3 months



All APR are guaranteed until August 9, 2024 and will be dynamic thereafter and may decrease. Once the application is released, the APR will only be indexed to the platform's activity. Here are the different sources of revenue that will be injected into the staking:

  • 33% of deposits lost by users

  • 5% of our customers' cash inflows

  • 5% in-app purchases

In order to access those pools, users can either buy tokens directly on Meria or deposit their own tokens on the platform.

Once the users have staked any amount of $TADA, they are entitled to redeem a code from their Dashboard section. They can then copy and paste the code within the Ta-da app to enjoy in game bonuses.

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