Energy is central to the gamification of Ta-da. It is a resource that each user must manage to maximize their work capacity and, consequently, the potential rewards they can earn. Every user has an energy bar displayed in their profile.

We've added an energy system to Ta-da, underpinning a new economic layer. When a user completes a task, he loses a small amount of energy. When the energy runs out, the user can no longer perform a task. He must then replenish his energy either by waiting (energy is distributed to users every period of time) or by purchasing a battery to recharge his energy bar. In conjunction with the prize pool and ranking system, we create a virtuous loop where:

Users want to maximize their profit and therefore the number of tokens won. Based on this principle, users will work to increase their number of points, thus have more chances of winning the jackpot. However, working costs energy and users risk being held back by this resource. This means it encourages them to purchase items and other improvements in the application to increase their energy and thus be able to work more.

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