The item system in Ta-da is designed to enhance the user experience by providing various tools and boosts that can help users complete tasks more efficiently. Items can be earned, bought, or received as rewards, and each item has its own unique function.

The items presented on this page are not yet all implemented, and some adaptations may occur. Additionally, other items may be introduced in the future. In the following section, we will introduce and describe the different items available in the application, explaining how they work and how they can benefit the users.


The battery item allows users to refill their energy. There are various types of batteries, ranging from less powerful to more powerful ones. This is a basic item for any user who wants to complete more tasks and improve their score, thereby increasing their rewards.


The accumulator item is used in conjunction with the battery. It allows users to increase their maximum energy bar, enabling them to store more energy and perform more tasks. This item is essential for those looking to maximize their productivity and overall performance in the application.


The backpack item allows users to increase their inventory capacity, enabling them to store more items. This is particularly useful for users who want to carry and use a larger variety of tools and boosts, enhancing their ability to complete tasks and improve their overall performance in the application.


The factory item allows users to merge items or cosmetics to obtain others that are rarer or more powerful. Some items can only be obtained through crafting and require the user to have a high enough level. The success rate of merging is not 100% and can be improved with extension cards.

Extension Cards

Extension cards can be equipped on the factory to improve its statistics, particularly the success rate of creating items. These cards are essential for users who want to enhance their crafting efficiency and obtain more powerful or rare items.

RNG Exploit

The RNG Exploit, short for Random Number Generator Exploit, allows users to hack the Ta-da platform and loot additional, higher-quality items. As its name suggests, this item takes advantage of the platform's random number generation system to increase the user's chances to loot rare and valuable items. By using the RNG Exploit, users can significantly boost their inventory with premium items, giving them an edge in completing tasks and achieving higher ranks. This item is a game-changer for those looking to maximize their rewards and enhance their overall performance within the application.

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