➡️Prize Pool

This page provides a brief overview of the prize pool. For a more detailed analysis of the economic mechanisms, please refer to Economy.

Te pool is at the heart of Ta-da. It is a community pot distributed to users once a week, growing with the activity on the platform. Every time a client's task is validated, tokens are added to the pool. These tokens come from our clients as payment for completed tasks. This means that users can earn TADA as well as various other tokens. Additionally, the prize pool is funded by other revenue sources, including in-app purchases and slashed deposits from users.

New jobs are customers' money distributed to the community, it is one of the most important sources of income into the prize pool. Thanks to our gamification system, a second source comes from in-app purchases. Users are encouraged to buy items to be able to work more and therefore earn more. Lost deposits are also partially reinjected. It means that users' lost tokens thus partially return to users. Finally, we also have the possibility of boosting the price pool thanks to our treasury during special events.

By completing tasks and contributing to the platform's economy, users earn points. These points help calculate a score and overall ranking. When the prize pool is distributed, its contents are shared among the 10% best users who have participated. The top user will receive more tokens than the second user, incentivizing active participation and rewarding the most dedicated users.

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