William Simonin

Chairman of Ta-da

Cofounder and CEO of

Vivoka, Meria cofounder

Valentin Thouron


7 years of lead dev and software architect at the French Ministry of Armed Forces

Florian Guichon


Partner at Vivoka, Meria's advisor, 9 years of experience in General Management & Business development

Eric Arnould


Ex CFO - Siemens - Lagardere - Sodexo

Alexandre Copper

Head of Sales

7 years of experience in prospection and sales generating +5Mโ‚ฌ annually

Pierre Manuel Salvadori

Head of Community

6 years of experience in blockchain and active member in many online communities

Valentin Laurent

Frontend Manager

7 years as mobile app lead developer for Boursorama (#1 French banking app)

Olivier Plessis

Flutter Developer

10 yearsโ€™ experience in the web and mobile world. I took part in the creation and evolution of apps for major accounts

Quentin Muhl


Over the past 8 years, he has shaped tomorrow's projects in crypto, gaming and AI.

Nicolas Lemaire

Backend Manager

2 years of software engineering at the French Ministry of Armed Forces

Anthony Thiery

Smart Contract Manager

4 years of Rust smart contract engineering with a zero issue track record

Thierry Masumbuko Python Developer Ex-medical data analyst and Python developer

Rayane Smaili 5 years' experience in business development, with a focus on crypto-currency.

Vivoka Team

+30 team members

Admin, support, marketing, communication, R&D, development, โ€ฆ

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